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Why Choose
LOA Chiropractic

LOA Chiropractic is a family owned practice where you will be treated like family. Each new patient receives a consultation, full initial exam and evaluation including orthopedic & range of motion testing, as well as palpation prior to any treatment! An individualized treatment plan is then established to reach your goals.


Stages Of Care

Acute Pain

The first phase of care is to reduce acute pain. This is accomplished by combining relaxation of the musculature and re-establishing alignment through chiropractic adjustments. 

It is in this phase of care where pain reduction and reducing stress to the body is the main goal.

Building Stability
& Strength

The second phase of care is building stability & strength. Exercising and stressing the body early on can cause imbalances and improper muscle recruitment.

We strongly believe in exercising to maintain proper alignment and restoring proper body mechanics & muscular firing patterns; it just needs to be done at the right time.


The third phase of care, maintenance care, is designed to support proper alignment which is key once stability has been accomplished. 

The stress our bodies endure on a daily basis can cause muscular tension and malalignments to occur. Keeping your body ready & able to take on your daily activities is the long-term goal of care.

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