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Neck Massage

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Have issues turning your head to one side or the other? Do you tend to have frequent headaches? Do your upper shoulders feel tense and tight? Do you find yourself rubbing your neck or shoulders often? You could benefit from care at LOA Chiropractic.


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Carrying tension in your neck and shoulders can lead to headaches, restless sleep, poor mood, and a variety of other symptoms. Gentle stretching, cervical traction, and gentle chiropractic adjustments could help.


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After your consultation, examination, and medically necessary x-rays, our doctor will determine what type of therapies and chiropractic adjustment will bring comfort, stability, and strength back to your neck and upper shoulders.


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If your day is more sedentary at a desk working in front of a computer, you are most likely carrying quite a bit of tension in the base of your neck. Tension and pressure in this area may be the cause of your headaches. Gentle chiropractic adjustments by our doctor could be very beneficial to your well being and productivity. 

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