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Chiropractic for Infants & Kids


There are a number of excellent reasons to get your newborn, infant, toddler or child adjusted. Life can be rough on adults; and it can be just as rough on kids. After a sports injury, fall, spill, or bump on the head, it is recommended to seek the advice and care of a chiropractor who has the knowledge to gently adjust your precious child. Give LOA Chiropractic a try!

Top 7 Reasons to get your child adjusted


Digestive Issues

Does your baby, infant, or child complain about a stomach ache often? Do they go days without pooping or suffer from trapped gas? Chiropractic care can help take pressure off the nervous system to help your child's digestive system work more efficiently.



Babies should only fuss and cry from time to time when they are in need of something (a diaper change, hungry, wanting comfort, etc); or when they are communicating discomfort.  Otherwise, a baby should be content and happy. Gentle chiropractic adjustments may help your baby be more comfortable, cry and fuss less by taking pressure off the nervous system.



Sleep is an absolutely necessity for both adults and kids! If your little one isn't sleeping well or for longer stretches (as they get older), it might be due to stress on their system. Gentle chiropractic adjustments may be the key to relieving that stress to allow them to sleep more comfortably.



Always carrying around a burp cloth or an extra shirt for yourself? Does baby seem to spit up frequently after feedings? Worried your baby is spitting up a majority of their feeding? Your baby could benefit from gentle chiropractic adjustments.


Torticollis/Head Tilt

When you put your baby down to sleep or sit them in the car seat, is their head is always tilted or turned to one side? Do they prefer to feed in a particular position? This can be a sign of an imbalance which can lead to long-term restrictions in mobility. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help restore mobility to your child's neck and upper back.


Ear infection

Recurrent ear infections are often caused by pressure on, or lack of drainage of the Eustachian tube(s). By aligning the vertebrae in the upper neck using gentle chiropractic adjustments, proper drainage of the Eustachian tubes can be achieved. If your child is suffering from recurrent ear infections, chiropractic care may be the answer.

Fall or Sports Injury

Kids play fast and tough! Falls and sports injuries are bound to happen. It is advised if your child takes a bump, fall, or doesn't seem like his or herself after a tumble, to bring them in to be checked out by a knowledge chiropractor who can help to realign their skeletal system and help them to feel whole again!

"My baby had not gone to the bathroom in several days. A friend told me to look into chiropractic to help. We took Emmalee to see Dr. Elysa and before we pulled out of the parking lot she made a diaper! I'm a believer!"


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