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40% of adults in the US are reported to have some sort of sleep issue. "Acupuncture is commonly used in treating insomnia in China, and clinical studies have shown that acupuncture may have a  beneficial effect on insomnia compared to some western medicines." (source)


Acupuncture treatment can aid the body's digestion tract by helping to reduce the stress of breaking down food without causing excessive gas or bloating. By balancing the gut-brain axis, you could improve your gut (and overall) health and uptake of nutrients from the foods you are already eating.

Attention / Focus

By using points along specific meridians (energy pathways in the body), acupuncture can help those struggling with brain fog. Post-treatment, some patients report improved memory, better concentration, and clearer thinking.

Stress / Anxiety

By activating the flow of energy through out the body via specific lines of energy called meridians, acupuncture could improve the flow of blood to help you feel more relaxed, calm, and less stressed.

Most people report feeling relaxed immediately following treatments.

Fertility / Pregnancy

Acupuncture has success in treating both men and women with fertility issues. (source) There are also specific acupuncture points that can help ready a pregnant mama for labor; whether that is to help baby's positioning or possibly kick-start the labor process.


"Acupuncture has been demonstrated to enhance endogenous opiates, such as dynorphin, endorphin, encephalin, and release corticosteroids, relieving pain and enhancing the healing process." (source)


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